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Your business privacy is paramount, we will never share your personal information, or bank data, without your consent. You always control your data.

Convert Your Online Banking to Cash

Login to your business online banking and get paid for your banking transaction data and history

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Leverage your bank account transactions performance to keep cash in your bank account when needed.

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Make your online banking history pay and get you cash during the economic cycle and business slow down

We convert your online banking transaction data into business cash and discounts.

Aquila requires access to your online banking data in order to understand your business' cash flow performance. We never store your login credentials on our servers and we never keep transaction data beyond your relationship with us.

We are a family of small business owners and entrepreneurs just like you.

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The Aquila Promise

We promise to protect your bank transaction data with the best of our technology. We will never sell you data and we never keep your data if we are not using it to help your business increase deposits or reduce your business expenses.

We promise never to ask you for your bank login information and we promise never to store your bank login details. We promise never to share your information with other partners unless you give us explicit permission to do so.

We promise that we will fight to keep your business alive and thriving with every product and service we offer.