Questions about Aquila and our Answers to them.

New to Aquila?

Aquila is a data-driven, small business, cash flow management software platform. We help small businesses overcome cash flow emergencies with our cash flow monitoring and cash flow prediction software that tracks your business bank account performance, everyday.

Aquila is committed to protecting your security. We use the same 256-bit encryption that banks and physical security use. That means your information is safeguarded to a very high standard. This security includes encryption, auditing, back-ups and encrypted login information.

You can call us directly at +1 (415) 598-9549. Our friendly and competent customer support team will answer any questions you might have.

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Business Cash Flow Intelligence

Yes. Once you sign up, we will analyze your bank account transactions in seconds to see how your bank accounts perform. Don't worry if your bank accounts are in a slow period or overloaded with debt. We will continue to monitor your bank accountwith our advanced clustering technology. We monitor your deposits and your debits so that you never ever run out of cash.

Yes. Aquila works with companies of all ages, but we require that you have a business bank account. Simply complete the application regardless of your business' age and we will find the right solution for your needs.

No. Aquila does NOT check your personal or business credit scores. All Aquila cash flow applications are based on bank transaction and business performance data, analyzed by our proprietary software, in real time, and with our patent pending technology. If you have poor personal credit, but a healthy and growing business, we will help you leverage you bank data so that your business will grow and succeed.

Aquila analyzes business bank transactions in real time. In addition to the bank transaction data, we require

  • Signed application
  • Driver's license
  • Business License

In certain cases, we may require additional documentation.

The most important requirement for Aquila is that your business is generally healthy and shows a positive history of sales deposits. If you're experiencing a slow season or have had some recent issues with vendor payments, Aquila is the right solution for you to manage cash flow shortages.

Within the same day. A large factor of the decision will depend on how quickly you are able to analyze your bank account performance data using our platform. Just click the “Analyze your Business Bank Account” and get started.

Aquila serves small businesses in all industries. We only require you have a business bank account.

Aquila's mission is to make the business financing process fast and simple. Thanks to our process and technology, what used to take months now takes hours. If at any point along the process you get confused or frustrated, Aquila's customer service specialists will help you free of charge, and get you back on the path to funding.

We currently do not offer Non-USA bank account performance analysis. Feel free to send us an email us at support@aquilacashflow.com with your needs.

Subscription are invoiced monthly, but payments are collected every business day that is not a bank holiday. In a week with one bank holiday Aquila will only collect 4 payments on your invoices.

How does Aquila work?

Aquila is like LifeLock and a powerful Genie for your business bank account. Aquila helps you to manage your cash flows and monitor your account. We continuously analyze your bank transactions. We use our proprietary clustering algorithms to alert us to strange transactions. This means you get solid protection from fraudulent charges and from overdraft risk before it happens.

Aquila's software solution analyzes your business bank transactions to detect and then help you renegotiate or extend your payments without breaching your agreements or invoices.

Aquila's basic service features as well as financing quotes start at $9.99 per month. Ask us about our Software As A Service Subscription for cash flow management and bank account protection.